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Main production list
Multipurpose Foaming/Molding Machines
Polyurethane Foaming Machines and its peripheral equipment controller)
Foaming and casting machines for manufacturing of automotive interior/exterior parts including cushions, and furniture
Manufacturing Medical Equipment
Full Automatic Dialyzer & Membranous Separator
Machine which seals hollow fiber dialyzers and the ends of various membranous separations and attaches to modules perfectly

Industrial Product Related


Superior manufacturing machines made from the combination of Elastomer Casting Machine and the collateral functions of centrifugal molding machines
Large Roller Casting Machines
Automotive-Related Machines
Molding Systems for various automotive interior equipment
The combination of High Pressure Polyurethane Foaming Machines, Metallic Mold Switching Unit, Material Temperature Control Unit and Auto Density Control Unit
Building Materials
Manufacturing Systems for various heat insulation/interior materials
Heat insulation material production machines that meet a variety of client's needs for different manufacturing styles from batch production to automated serial production

Super-Critical Extraction


This equipment enables manufacturers to produce sophisticated materials and/or sustained-release products by adding functional components into each raw material because it can extract selective components of natural products in low temperatures and in a short period of time, compared to other existing flux extraction methods.
Products imported from overseas partners
High Pressure Dispensing Machines (GRACO Corporation, USA)
Meter/Dosing/Mixing Unit (Polytech-EMC, Australia)
Meter, Mixing, Dispensing for High Viscosity Resin (Tartler Co., Germany)